Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Birth Story of Kaiser Quain Lim

Name of Baby : Kaiser Quain Lim
Weight of baby @ birth : 3.105kg
DOB : 14 Dec 2010
Boy or Girl : Boy
Number of birth : 1st
Hospital: Mount Alvernia
A birth story / pregnancy journey:

Kaiser Quain Lim is the best Christmas present my hubby and I could ever wished for!  Before this pregnancy, I suffered from a threatened abortion in mid Dec 2009 and had a D&C done on Christmas day last year in the same hospital.  That was the saddest moment in our lives but luckily we have great friends who consoled and gave moral support during that difficult period.  Our gynae also told us that we don't need to wait for 6 months before trying.

We didn't wait for too long before the good news came in three months later, when I got pregnant yet again.  I was really worried cos we had already booked a trip to London and Paris way before I knew I was pregnant.  I was scared that the long travelling hours and walking may affect this pregnancy.  After the gynae gave the go-ahead, we proceeded with the trip but i was very cautious and took care not to strain myself too much.

After the trip, my hubby had to go on a work trip to Taiwan so I was alone during the initial stage of pregnancy but everything went well and my gynae was very confident of this pregnancy after seeing the growth and heartbeat.  Kaiser was indeed my lucky star!  As I was running my own business, Elaine Heng Image Consultancy, a lot of business came in and I was working really hard.  Luckily my hubby was very supportive and ferried me around.

At week 32, Kaiser was still in a breech position so my gynae mentioned that there was a high chance that I would have to undergo C-section in the event that Kaiser didn't engage in the correct position.  He mentioned about the pros and cons of c-section and natural delivery and asked me to focus on the advantages of c-section if I need to undergo that.

At week 36, Kaiser was still breeched hence we made a decision to go for c-section on 14 Dec 2010 when he is about 37 weeks plus.  I started to google video clips on c-section operations to better prepare myself for this operation.  The night before, I was very excited and extremely nervous.  As we wanted the c-section to be done anytime from 9am to 11am, we had to report to Mount Alvernia Hospital at 7am for preparation.  In fact, I couldn't sleep the whole night and got up from the bed at 5.30am to bathe and get ready.  I told my hubby to ignore me if I shed tears of happiness as I wanted him to snap pictures of Kaiser once he came out.

It was really funny cos we thought that we had to report to the delivery ward and the nurse asked me if I am feeling any pain or contractions as she was puzzled why I was smiling all the way.  I was asked to go to Our  Lady's ward 326A for preparation before they wheeled me to the operating theatre.  At about 8 plus, I was wheeled to the theatre and my hubby was asked to change into the hospital gown as we had opted for epidural and his presence in the theatre.  I felt a poignant moment as the operating theatre was the same one I went into for the D&C operation for the previous pregnancy.  The environment looked so familiar but the feelings I had was completely different this time round.  I was filled with anticipation and excitment, waiting for that magical moment.

Inside the theatre, I was first wiped with some cold antiseptic lotion on my back before a numbing jab was administered.  Boy, that was painful but I was given 'laughing gas" and asked to concentrate on breathing to relieve part of the pain.  Afterwhich, epidural jab was given and it numbed the lower part of my body very quickly.  A catheter was inserted but I didn't feel any pain.  My gynae asked me if I can move my legs to ensure that the epidural has taken effect before he 'cut me open'.  My hubby was only asked to come inside the theatre after the gynae ensured that everything was ok and I don't need to go for GA.

My hubby told me that my gynae had already pulled out Kaiser's legs and was just waiting for the auspicious hour before pulling him out.  All I could feel was a lot of pulling and tugging but totally no pain at all.  I tried to control my excitement as I held onto my hubby's hands.  As the clock struck 9am, my gynae pulled out Kaiser's hand and by 9.01am, Kaiser was out!  Nothing could describe my feeling when I heard his first cry.  I felt so relieved that I shed my first tears of joy.  My hubby quickly snapped many photos of him so that I can take a look at them.  After he was partially cleaned up, the midwife carried him and placed him on my chest and we took our first family photo together.

When Kaiser was taken away to do the basic test to check his weight, height, basic wellbeing, etc, my gynae proceeded to stitch me up.  At that point, I felt so exhausted that I almost felt asleep but the fact that I wanted to know Kaiser was ok, kept me up.  My gynae was fast and he finished stitching me up within half an hour.   Afterwhich, I was wheeled back to my ward and on my way, I saw my hubby and I  asked him how Kaiser was.  He was all smiles and told me that Kaiser was doing well, very healthy and no birthmark at all on his body.  Only then, did I fell asleep.  The pain from the C-section wound was bearable with painkillers and joy of having Kaiser.  I was asked to sit up and walk around on the second day.  My hubby said that I looked radiant and even joked that I made the process of giving birth look so easy...hahaha!

We are very grateful to everyone who sent in their well wishes and gifts.  This Christmas is indeed going to be different with a new addition to the family!

Checking into my ward and waiting for the nurse to prepare me for the operation.

Feeling super excited about the arrival of Kaiser.

All prepared...just waiting for the time to be pushed into the operating theatre for the c-section.

Being pushed out of the ward...

The nurse seems happy as well.

Actually, I'm super nervous at this point...

But I'm still smiling...

Waiting to go into the operation theatre. Bed is parked outside while my gynae and my hubby went to change into the surgical gowns.

My gynae, Dr Kenneth Edward Lee.  A very humorous guy who makes you feel comfortable and at ease whenever we go for consultations and scans.  That morning, he seemed a bit more serious.  Think it was because we are going in for c-section soon.  He was doing the paperwork before I was wheeled in. 

At about 9.01am, Kaiser Quain Lim was out to greet the world!  Thanks to Daddy who was brave enough to accompany me into the theatre, he managed to take photos of Kaiser when he came out.  I couldn't see what was happening cos of the cloth covering the tummy and below.  Luckily, I get to see these photos!

Kaiser nicely cleaned up, so that he can be wrapped properly.

So cute!

Our very first family photo together!  Kaiser was placed on my chest so that I can take a look at him.  The moment I heard his first cry, I can't help but cry together with him.

A photo tog with our gynae. 

I was wondering why Kaiser kept crying so I asked my gynae whether if there is something wrong.  Dr Lee said if Kaiser didn't cry loudly, then something is wrong...hahaha!

Gosh...Kaiser is 3.105kg.  I didn't know I was carrying a 3 kg load around cos when we went for the scan just last week, Kaiser was only 2.4kg. 

Nurse measuring Kaiser's head.

Nurse measuring Kaiser's length...for a 37weeks old baby, he measured 51cm.  So proud of him...hopefully, next time he will be as tall as his Daddy.

Still crying...hahaha!

Finally he stopped crying.

His first few moments with me....kinda missed it as I looked at the photo of him sleeping soundly next to me.

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